What is Teledraw?

While many people have heard of the game Telephone (also known as "Whisper Down the Lane" or "Chinese Whispers"), not many have heard of its written/drawn spinoff--or what we like to call "Teledraw."

Teledraw is a game about (mis)communication!

The game starts with a written phrase. The next player attempts to draw the phrase. Each new player advances the game further, with each turn alternating between drawing and describing the previous player's interpretation.

About Us

Teledraw.com started when three web people who previously worked together at an Ann Arbor Startup Weekend all came to the same conclusion that Teledraw would make an awesome web game.

What's next?

Teledraw is currently in its beta stages, and we are working towards releasing versions of it for the iPhone/iPad. As the site is currently in beta, don't be surprised if you encounter some sort of bug.

We welcome any feedback you have for us—feel free to send us an email at support@teledraw.com.